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Year 6 - Château de Versailles

 Year 6 have been named after the French Palace, Chateau de Versailles. This exquisite building lies just outside of Paris and was originally a hunting lodge used by King Louis XIII of France. The building, that has become a much visited museum today, was renovated to become the residence of the royal family and the French political seat where King Louis XIV ruled his country.  We will be exploring this amazing chateau's history and the people that lived there through the years. We will find inspiration for our artwork through Louis XIV's stunning decoration and visionary design within the palace and explore the extraordinary gardens that were the most magnificent example of original landscaping in Europe.  The palace is now a World Heritage site.  


Year six IPC topic this term is "go with the flow'. This unit will focus on 'Rivers' and we will be finding out about the Geographical aspects related to Rivers and the connections to global warming and flooding. Through independent research the children will discover information associated with their river choice, this research will cover: where in the world, societies, geography, History, facts as well as International aspects. To complement this research work we will be looking at classification of marine animals.  Using scientific methods to sort and classify the marine life in our oceans and seas. Through this work the children will gain knowledge of 'living things and their habitats'. As with all of our IPC topics there is also a focus on artwork and a classroom display, year 6 have completed their entry point to this topic and produced 3D models that show the journey of a river from source to mouth.