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Year 5 - Ernest shackleton 


Ernest Shackleton was an Irish born explorer from the early 1900’s who moved to South London early in his life. Shackleton had a passion for exploring the Antarctic region, a place which had not been explored previously. At an early age, 24, he became a Master Mariner and began the first of his many expeditions to explore the South Pole. His journeys were not always successful; however, he never gave up and continued on his quest to discover more and more about Antarctica. Most famously, Shackleton led a voyage where his ship, The Endurance, got caught in sheets of ice. His crew where stranded on the ice sheet and eventually floated to Elephant Island. Shackleton then led a rescue which took two weeks to sail in treacherous conditions to South Georgia where a team got together to rescue the remaining men. They were stranded for a total of 105 days!!! Shackleton was known for his bravery and ‘never give up’ attitude, something we can aspire to today. 


Shackleton class will be making their own significant journey very soon. We will be heading to Brancaster. Our Brancaster trip will not just be about co-operation, team building, resilience and making memories, but it will also give us a chance to consider the Geographical features of London and Brancaster. We will investigate the journey we will need to take by using mapping skills, how the features of a location; both human and physical, impact on the lifestyle of people in these places and how Brancaster contributes to saving our planet. We will also be learning about various renewable energy sources. Take a look at the following clues to see if you can map together our learning journey...