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Year 5 - corroboree frog 


 Welcome to Year 5!

The Corroboree Frog is a critically endangered species from Australia. Only found in a small alpine region of the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales, the frog is under serious threat due to its longer breeding cycle and from the impact of the Chytrid fungus. The frogs are extremely striking, having black and bright yellow stripes. Some even have blue stripes on their underbelly, however, it is a scientific mystery as to why. Our class have been fascinated to find out that this frog only grows in length up to 2.5cm-3cm and is one of the most toxic frogs in our world. They are also one of the only frogs to crawl and not hop to get around. The frog was also chosen because of its link to the indigenous, Aboriginal people of Australia. The word ‘Corroboree’ is an Aboriginal term meaning, ‘gathering’. The Aboriginal people would paint white stripes on themselves during Corroboree. The stripes of the frog are homage to the stripes on the traditional land owners.

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