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Year 5 - Arc de triomphe



This year all classes at Holy Trinity are named after French landmarks. We have chosen the Arc de Triomphe. This famous monument is located in central Paris and was built by Napoleon to honour those who fought in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. To understand the significance of this landmark, we are learning about Napoleon as well as examining French society before the revolution and why it lead the citizens of France to demand change. We will also create a timeline of the French revolution. After that we will investigate where the arch is located, creating a detailed map and learning how to give directions around the area in French. To link this learning to our own personal experiences, we will create our own Arc de Triomphs, celebrating the triumphs in our own lives and those that have helped us to achieve our goals. 


Our IPC topic this half term is  The Great, The Bold and the Brave! We will be investigating how western civilisation began with the Greeks and the Romans. Through a range of exciting activities we will discover how these expanding empires spread ideas about politics, education, architecture and entertainment across the globe. We will be finding out: 

  • About the Greek city-states of Athens and Sparta
  • How people voted in ancient Greece
  • The different approaches to education and how they compare to modern schooling
  • How the Persian war brought Greek states together
  • About the life of Alexander the Great and what he achieved.

 Throughout our learning we will also consider where we get our historical information from and how we know if a particular source is reliable or not.

Our English learning will be closely linked to our IPC topic as we will be exploring a modern version of a The Odyssey. This retelling of Homer's epic poem tells the story of a Greek king's dangerous journey back from the Trojan war. 

 We will also be continuing to prepare for our Shakespeare performance at the end of term.