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Year 3 - Hummingbird

We are Hummingbird class! This tiny but fascinating creature is named after the sound its wings make during flight. Did you know it’s the only bird that can fly backwards? There are over 350 known species of hummingbird, the most common being the Ruby-throated hummingbird (Archilochus colubris), but all species can be found in the Americas. In class, we studied the migration patterns of the different species of hummingbird across the Unites State of America.

Our newly acquired knowledge of states enabled to show where the hummingbirds reside using coloured symbols and a map key. Even though we won’t be seeing any hummingbirds flying around Tottenham, this didn’t stop us investigating what attracts hummingbirds to gardens. We spent some time in our school Tranquil Space thinking about how we could make it hummingbird friendly. Then, we designed our own hummingbird gardens from a bird’s eye view. During our learning, we faced the challenge of imagining a creature so small without seeing it with our own eyes. Hummingbirds can be as small as a penny and weigh approximately 4g, therefore we used baking clay to make scale models of hummingbirds in a range of different colours, using a marbling technique. We were amazed by the jewel tones of the hummingbirds’ feathers, so we create vibrant straw paintings using water colour paint to create gradients and textures.

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