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Year 1 - gare du nord

Our class name is ‘Gare du Nord’ and is the building you can see here. We thought it looked like a church or a palace but it’s actually a train station! We had lots of questions about this station such as how much are tickets, what are the statues and where is it? Well, the Gare du Nord is in Paris and it is the busiest station in Europe. It has 36 platforms! Eight of the nine statues on the outside of the Gare du Nord represent destinations outside France. The statue in the centre represents Paris.​


This term our IPC topic is The Stories People Tell. We will be using different myths and legends to help us understand what different historical periods were like and ice tidying the parts of the stories that are fact and fiction.

We are continuing our observations of the changing seasons in Science. We will also be learning about different weather symbols and thinking of ways we can monitor the changes in weather.