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Year 1 - Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart was a pioneering female pilot who set several aviation records during her lifetime. In 1923 she became the 16th female to receive her pilot licence and in 1928 she became the first female to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Unfortunately, in 1936, Amelia’s plane disappeared during an attempt to fly around the globe. Her disappearance has been an unsolved mystery since then. 


In class we have been talking about Amelia’s adventures and the difference in technology that Amelia would have experienced flying in the 1930’s to the aeroplanes we use today. We are making a memory map of her adventure and thinking about the challenges we would like to achieve ourselves.

This half term our curriculum is called “I love Tottenham”. During this unit the children will develop a greater understanding of their local community, its features and how it is changing over time. The children will take observations of the local area using field studies and aerial photos as well as developing mapping skills and practice giving and following directions.

The children will also learn about their own family history, cultural heritage and what makes them unique. We will talk about acceptance of difference between our families and begin to order events chronologically.