Holy Trinity Tottenham

Serving the Tottenham

Improvement Priorities

Holy Trinity continues to be an improving school and our ambition is for it to be a place where children thrive and love learning. Please see the areas we would like to improve this year. 

Quality of Education

  • Evolving our curriculum and learning through making connections between events ‘ Why am I learning this now?’ with a focus in History and Geography
  • Show me what you mean, high quality modelling and then give me time to have a go
  • Ensuring learning get off to a great start with our revised Early Years Curriculum
  • Extending children’s ability to use words to express and explain e.g. confidence in giving theologically & philosophically informed accounts of religious traditions & ideas

Behaviour and Attitudes

  • Every second counts, every day in school makes a difference

Personal development

  • Reconnecting with our parent community – building on the relationships and telling our story.
  • Building character resilience for the next challenges, ‘be the best you can be’.
  • Allowing time for spiritual growth and contemplation

Leadership and Management

  • Launching our Tri school vision to raise the aspiration of the school community
  • To continue to use funds and ideas to build on the recovery from the COVID disruptions to children's learning
  • Building and strengthen our professional collaborations to learn and challenge