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Junior Leadership Team (formally the School Council).

We have been learning all about democracy and we celebrate this value throughout the year in many ways, but mainly through our Junior Leadership Team (JLT). We value our JLT and are committed to inviting the children's opinions and including their ideas to improve our school. They have been involved in projects such as improving play times and lunchtimes and fundraising activities.

Each September, children have the opportunity to canvass for a JLT position. One boy and one girl are elected from each class. 

2018 - 2019 Junior Leadership Team

We have now elected our new Junior Leadership Team!

 Each class voted for their own representatives, and everyone in school got to vote for the Y6 candidates.

 The results were announced in Collective Worship  by the Mayor of Haringey, who then attended our first meeting. She was very impressed with the school and the children and even invited the JLT to visit her at the Mayor’s Office.


The representatives for each year group are:

 Y1 - Zaheem and Keren

Y2 - Enjai and Kamorae

Y3 - Zakhari and Ashanti

Y4 - La’Tricia and Kay’Jhan

Y5 - Christopher and Veronica

Y6 - Damarion (Chair), Favour (Vice Chair) and Jemima (Secretary)


 At the first meeting, the JLT discussed their aims for the year and what they would need to do ready for the next meeting. Items on the agenda for the next meeting include Healthy Packed Lunches and charities that we want to support this year.


Current topics of discussion

Some of the items we will discuss this year will be:

Aims for the year.

School Clubs.

Healthy Packed Lunches.

 Snack Shack