Holy Trinity Tottenham

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Inspection reports

To quality assure the To quality assure the school effectiveness our school is routinely inspected by Ofsted and the National Society. 

 Ofsted Inspection




Ofsted inspected the school in December 2018 under Section 8 of the Education Act 2005, confirming that the school remains a good school. The letter notes the continual progress that the school has made since the last inspection and so makes the recommendation that the school be inspected at the next inspection under Section 5. The section 5 inspection allows the inspectors to look at all aspects of school effectiveness and potentially change the grading of the judgements.  (click on the image to read the full report)


Ofsted inspected the school in January 2015 under Section 5 of the Education Act 2005 and judged the school to be a Good. (click on the image to read the full report)


Ofsted Report January 29-30 2015                                         

Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS)

The National Society inspected the school in May 2016 under Section 48 of the Education Act 2005 judged the school to be Outstanding. (click on the image to read the full report)