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'Parent and Pupil Feedback - November 2021'

Please click on the images below to view our Parent and Pupil Feedback from our November 2021 survey. 

Parent Feedback

Pupil Feedback

'Feedback from Family Cafes  - Autumn 2021' 

"It’s a great opportunity for parents to see and also learn how they can improve on how they teach their children at home. Also parents get to interact with the children in their normal learning environment outside of home."

"I found this session exciting and I feel it will help with my daughters reading. I really enjoyed this session and spending quality time making good memories." 

"I learnt that there are many methods you as a parent can use to extend your child’s vocabulary." 

"Thoroughly enjoyed this morning. Nice to take time out of our busy schedules and participate in the learning and development of our children." 

"I learnt that it is important to make time to sit, play and chat with my child to broaden his speech and language." 

Year 3 Reading Cafe Parent Feedback

Year 2 Reading Cafe Parent Feedback 

Year 1 Reading Cafe Parent Feedback  

'Feedback from the Second Lockdown in 2021' 

"It was evident that the school had forward planned for this - everything was well organised"

"Lap top provision was excellent"

"The equipment the school provided was amazing"

"I am grateful for what the school has done for my children"

"The school went to the extreme to help us"

"My son was ready by 8:30 am to log on to the lap top to see his class and teacher"

"The live lessons were sociable so my child could see and speak to her friends and teacher everyday"

"When the children came back to school, the balloons and welcome banners were lovely"

"The school eased the children back into learning well"

"It was very good that collective worship continued each week with the Head of School, I was impressed by this."

"It was good that when the children returned to school, breakfast club and after school club also started so parents can go back to work with their correct hours."