Holy Trinity Tottenham

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Our Staff


Tri-School Leadership Team - Holy Trinity, St Michael's & St Ann's

Tri School Leadership Team (ELT) Photocard

Mr Simon Knowles Executive Headteacher
Mrs Lisa Miles Interim Head of School
Ms Alice Parker Leading Practitioner - Inclusion & SENco

Extended Leadership Team

Extended Leadership and Management Team (ELT) Photocard

Mrs Lisa Miles Interim Head of School
Miss Melanie Eyears Interim Assistant Headteacher

Admin and Facilities Team

Admin and Premises Team Photocard
Mr Elliott Bergin School Business Manager
Mrs Sharon Dias School Administrator & Communications Officer
Mrs Tracey Mannix School Business Administrator
Ms Fung Chan Site Technician
Mr Michael Morris Site Technician
Ms Angela Griffith Site Technician
Ms Mitch Wood Forestry Technician

Teaching and Learning Team - Early Years and Key Stage 1

Early Years and Key Stage 1 Photocard

Ms Neena Begh

Nursery Teacher

Ms Rym Cherid

Reception Teacher

Ms Katie O'Farrell

Year 1 Teacher

Ms Stefana Samson

Year 2 Teacher

Teaching and Learning Team - Key Stage 2

Key Stage 2 Photocard

Ms Melanie Eyears

Year 3 Teacher

Mr Jesse Banks

Year 4 Teacher

Ms Emily Lister

Year 5 Teacher

Ms Grace Jones

Year 6 Teacher

Teaching Assistants and Wrap Around Care Staff

Teaching Assistant and Wrap Around Care Staff Photocard

Ms Lorraine Johnston

Learning and Wellbeing Leader

Ms Arjola Milaj

Teaching Assistant & Wrap Around Care

Ms Tarrah Norris

Teaching Assistant & Wrap Around Care

Ms Nerissa Hutchinson


Ms Sara Guerbaoui

Teaching Assistant

Ms Susan Miller

Teaching Assistant

Ms Precious Mavungu

Teaching Assistant

Ms Natalie Moore

Teaching Assistant

Mr David Wyn-Bennis

Teaching Assistant

Specialist Teacher

Specialist Teacher Photocard

Mr Chris Storey

Steel Pan Teacher

Ms Palmi Buschi

French Teacher

Kitchen Staff

Kitchen Staff Photocard

Mr Robert Foster

Chef de Partie - Senior

Ms Margaret Akuamoah

Chef de Partie - Junior