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Remote Learning and TEAMS

We have developed our use of technology for our children to continue with their learning at home. In doing so, we have created a guide to remind children and to assist parents. There are also a collection of films that will help.

Remote Learning Information for Parents

If, after watching these, you are still experiencing challenges then please contact the school office and we will try to help. 

Links to the guides can also be found here.

Logging on

Joining a live lesson

KS2 Assignments

Submitting Assignments

Checking Feedback

Home Learning agreement

Remote Learning Case Study 

The staff prepared a very good online learning package for the pupils at Holy Trinity. We are proud that we were able to provide 3 high quality live lessons a day - sometimes more, so that children could see their class teacher everyday and continue to learn. Please read our case study of remote learning below - It takes the form of an interactive Sway.  If you are viewing this page on a mobile device then please turn your device landscape.