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Year 6 - Northern white rhino Class

Year 6 is named after the Northern White Rhino.  This spectacular animal is near extinction, there are only three rhinos left on the planet, Sudan is the last living male of the sub-species along with two remaining females.  Sudan is 43years old (100 in Rhino years) and is unable to breed through old age and ill health.  This sub-species of White Rhino has been pushed to the brink of extinction through aggressive poaching of the rhino tusks which are made from Ivory and are sold within many Eastern countries on the black market for huge amounts of money.

This year we hope to learn about how there has been project to aim to rescue the Northern White Rhino through scientific methods and to think about how we can, as a global society, improve animal rights.  We will study the history and the uncertain future of this critically endangered animal through research, artwork and discussion. 

Let's hope we can report that there will be a positive outcome to the plight of the Northern White Rhino in the year ahead.


Over the next half term year 6 are following the IPC unit that focuses on 'Myths and Legends'.   We will be researching myths and legends throughout history and investigating where and why they came about. We will be creating our own mythical characters and writing stories about them that include a moral message.

We will be finding out about where in the world different myths originated and how they have influenced people's beliefs.  I am hoping to take the class to the British Museum  and the National Gallery  to further explore the influence of myths and legend throughout history and art, alongside this we will be using role play and drama to bring a variety of myths and legends to life.

I will be sending home a useful websites/book list to help the children with this interesting topic.