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Year 3 - Mary Anning Class

We are Mary Anning class!  Mary Anning was an inspirational woman who overcame many obstacles to become "the greatest fossilist the world ever knew” She was born into a poor family in 1799 and survived being struck by lightning as a young baby! Her father was a carpenter but enjoyed collecting ‘curiosities’ on the beach where they lived in Lyme Regis. Like many poor Victorian’s Mary never went to school but her father taught her everything he knew. After her father’s death Mary began to sell her seaside finds on the beach to help her poor mother to provide for their family. As she grew older she learnt more about the curious objects that she found on the beach and discovered that they were in fact fossils. In 1810 Mary and her brother were the first people ever to discover a complete Ichthyosaurus fossil. An Ichthyosaurus is a large sea mammal that swam in the ocean whilst the dinosaurs roamed the land. This, and Mary’s other fossil finds, changed the way that people thought about the world forever.


 Welcome Letter


Our IPC learning this half term will be all about Chocolate! Yum! In geography we will be learning about where cacao trees are found and factors affecting their growth. In history, we’ll be finding out who first discovered chocolate, who took the first chocolate to Europe and how important of cocoa beans were for trade. In science we will learn about how and why chocolate melts, the ingredients that make chocolate and what ingredients can be added to chocolate.. This will prepare use for making our own chocolate. We will also be discussing making healthy eating choices and exploring whether chocolate causes tooth decay. We will also learn why chocolate wrappers are made of special materials before designing our own wrappers in Art. Finally we will find out about fair trade and why it is so important. We will also be doing a separate science unit about animals including humans.

English and Maths

In English we will be exploring two modern texts that borrow from the myths and legends of the past. Oliver and the Seawigs uses character and settings from traditional myths and legends for create a modern adventure, explored though the eyes of a young boy. We will finish the half-term by exploring a picture book that puts a new twist on the story Midas Grendel: A Cautionary Tale About Chocolate. This is a story links to our IPC topic as it is all about a monster who loves chocolate so much that he wishes for everything to turn to chocolate, with inevitable consequences! Both stories are bound to get imaginations racing and lead to some fantastic written work.

In maths we will cover addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, money, fractions and time.