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Year 2 - Musée du Louvre

This year, Year 2 are named after the Musee Du Louvre. The Musee Du Louvre  is the world's largest art museum, located in Paris near the River Seine.

Perhaps most famously, it is home to the Mona Lisa, which Year 2 have learnt all about. They explored the idea of a portrait and were intrigued at the concept of their eyes following you around and tried it out themselves by creating their  own modern versions of the Mona Lisa, complete with her face and eyes.


This term, Year 2's IPC topic is "Time Detectives".

We started by looking at the history of Bonfire Night, and the historical reason behind why we celebrate it. We created some fabulous firework artwork using chalks and black paper. We will be learning by looking at some old artefacts and talking about how we can distinguish between what is old and new. We will be able to use key words and phrases relating to the passing of time and be able to identify differences between our own lives and those of people who have lived in the past​. A lot of our learning will be centred around a major historical event - the Great Fire of London!

In Science, our new topic is "Animals including Humans", so as well as finding out all about different animals and their young, we will also be learning about what humans need to thrive, including the major food groups and healthy eating.