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Year 2 - Isaac Newton Class

Yr 2 takes its name from the world renowned British scientist Sir Isaac Newton. He was born on Christmas Day 1642, in Lincolnshire. Isaac was brought up by his grandmother after his mother remarried . When he was eleven he was sent away to school in Grantham. At first he was a reluctant student but soon found his way and did very well academically. He studied at Cambridge University, his mother had the money to pay for his education but refused to so Isaac was forced to work for his place there. He worked in the dinner hall where he served the food. 

On returning to home one holiday, he was sitting near an apple tree when an apple fell to the ground. He simply asked himself why ? That incident started his exploration into forces and the eventual discovery of  Gravity. He also made many more discoveries including the spectrum of colour that makes up light, Calculus and the curved lens telescope. He really is an extraordinary man and scientist. The children have shown an enthusiasm for science which we hope to grow throughout the year.

Welcome Letter


In IPC this term we will be looking at ‘Buildings’.  We have planned a trip to central London and the children will be experiencing a trip on the clipper boat along the River Thames. They will be offered the opportunity to capture images of the surrounding buildings. In addition Year Two will be looking at buildings within the local area. The children will be comparing building both past and present. They will be looking at buildings around the world and the types of materials used to construct them. Year Two will be designing their own buildings using observation sketching’s.