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Year 1 - Aristotle Class

This year class names are themed around scientists, with Year one being named after the famous scientist-Aristotle. We will be learning lots of exciting facts about Aristotle. We have been learning about where Aristotle comes from. We learnt about his work with animals. Year one found out that not all what Aristotle believed in was correct.   For example Aristotle believed that intelligence came from the heart. We have been learning to speak Greek and to count in Greek.  

Year one made masks using Aristotle’s image.  

Welcome Letter


Year One this term will be learning about Plants and Insects. We walked around the school and looked at all the plants. Year One made observational drawings and researched the names of the plants that they saw. Year one will be creating their own insect habitats using shoe boxes. They will be filling their boxes with items that will encourage insects to find and live in their boxes. The class will be examining living and non-living things. They will be going on an environment walk to help with their investigation.

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