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Year 1 - Bengal Tiger class

This year, all classes at Holy Trinity are named after an endangered animal. Year One have chosen Bengal Tigers and will be learning lots of facts about tigers and what it means to be endangered. It also links nicely to a class text later in the year – the Tiger Who Came to Tea! Year One have learnt that each tiger has a completely different patterned fur to the next so decided that tigers are just like us- all different! We have also been learning lots about where Bengal tigers come from-India- and how it is very different to where we live. Year One have also adopted their very own tiger from WWF to help us learn about conservation and how we can help the tigers.


This half term, Year One's IPC topic is the "Stories People Tell". We will be stories from different countries and cultures, such as Yeh-Shen - the Chinese version of Cinderella, and comparing it to the well-known stories that we know. We will be be using the story as a basis for creating some art inspired from China and learning about Thesus and the Minotaur, which forms the foundation for our work on maps.

​In history, we will be comparing classic stories to modern day versions and investigating how stories change over time.

In Science, we are concentrating on seasonal changes with a focus on Springtime.