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School Ready

Each day it is important that children are 'School Ready', arriving in good time after having a restful night's sleep and healthy nutritious breakfast. That they are wearing the correct school uniform and have the correct equipment for the day ahead, PE Kit, Swimming kit (Y5), Reading Folder(KS1) School Ruck Sack (KS2), healthy snack for morning break. 

Preparing new Nursery and Reception children for school.

Children who start the school in the Reception class will be involved in our carefully planned transition activities:

  • First the child and the parents meet the teacher at school. At this meeting the parents will receive the starting school pack, discuss the 'Unique Child' form and be given a brief introduction to the Early Years Curriculum and expectations.
  • This will then be followed by a school play date where the children come to school with their parent(s) for a fun play session and purchase school uniform items.
  • Then a start date for September will be sent home in a letter.
  • The transition will be concluded with a meet-the-teacher evening. This is for parents, to meet the key people at the school and ask any further questions of queries they may have.

All of these are so that we can be ready for your child to start school.

There are a number of things that you can do to develop your child's independence and support their learning before they start school. These include helping them so that they can:

  • Put on their coat and do up the buttons/zip
  • Use the toilet properly, flush after use and wash their hands
  • Take care of personal possessions and respect those of others
  • Be responsible for tidying up
  • Be able to eat lunch independently
  • Take turns and share