Holy Trinity Tottenham

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School Improvement

Holy Trinity continues to be an improving school and our ambition is for it to be a place where children thrive and love learning. Please see the areas we would like to improve this year. 

Spiritual Development

.Extend pupils’ understanding and use of prayer so that they can commit their deepest hopes and fears to God in quiet confidence

In Religious Education we aim to embed assessment which encourage progress and inform planning, teaching and learning.

Ensure that, by the time they leave the school, pupils have a more secure understanding of the key facts about the other faiths they study besides Christianity.

Teaching, Learning and Assessment

All teaching from Good to Great.

Consistent use of assessment in all lessons and subjects and develop questioning skills so children can think more deeply and be challenged.

Explicit teaching of science with assessment (STEM).

Effective and efficient use of time in learning sessions for sustained thinking and deeper challenge of tasks.

To develop opportunities for outside learning.

Outcomes for children

Foundation Stage

GLD at 82% or higher (100% minus SEND children)

Spring and Summer born children to be in line with the rest of the cohort.

Improved number of children meeting expectations in non core subjects.

Y1 Phonics

Maintain attainment at above national standards for all pupils.

Close the difference between boys and girls (more boys met the threshold than girls).

A focus on Spring born children is necessary to ensure they achieve in line with their peers.


Close gender difference in Reading, Writing and Maths.

Improve attainment and progress of writing and science.

Challenge more able so that a higher proportion of children are working at greater depth. (25%)


Challenge more able so that a higher proportion of children are working at greater depth. (25%)

Improve attainment in Reading so that it is line with writing.

Close gender difference in all classes.

Personal development, behaviour and welfare

Strive for 97% attendance and continue to analyse attendance and punctuality weekly and devise actions for improvement as part of the leadership weekly agenda.

Increase the opportunities for children to discuss and debate issues.

To inspire children through local role models. Widening the horizons of pupils so they know what they can achieve in the future.

Early Years

Improve the teaching and learning of speaking and listening so it is in line with other areas.

Greater focus on the broad and wider curriculum e.g. physical development, personal, social and emotional development, technology and exploring media.

A year expectation for the Early Years, enabling children to be ready for the next stage of their education.