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Junior Leadership Team (formally the School Council).

We have been learning all about democracy and we celebrate this value throughout the year in many ways, but mainly through our Junior Leadership Team (JLT). We value our JLT and are committed to inviting the children's opinions and including their ideas to improve our school. They have been involved in projects such as improving play times and lunchtimes and fundraising activities.

Each September, children have the opportunity to canvass for a JLT position. One boy and one girl are elected from each class. 

2017 - 2018 Junior Leadership Team

Year 1  - Rochelle and Omari
Year 2 -  Rebecca and Ditroy
Year 3 -  Elora and Israel
Year 4 -  Cundiso and Emmanuel
Year 5 -  Emmanuella B and Damarion
Year 6 -  Jacyln and Kanye

Each week the JLT meet and discuss current issues, ideas or events. Keep your eyes peeled for their weekly updates here!

Current topics of discussion

1) Playground Equipment

 This term, the JLT have been gathering children’s idea about how to improve playtimes. They have spent lots of time consulting with their classes about which playground equipment to order and have now restocked our playground cupboards.

There are Frisbee nets, goal games and small basketball hoops, and lots more. But the most popular thing by far are the fluorescent coloured  zorb balls which whistle as you throw them.

2) Snack Shack

The JLT are working hard to organise snack shack and are looking into different fruits to try. As children felt 30p was too expensive, they have decided to go with a different provider that allows fruit to be sold for just 20p. As a result, more children are buying fruit on a daily basis.

Coming up.... 

The JLT are working with the travel ambassadors and have had a meeting about the air quality in our school and what we can do to improve this. More to follow…

In January, the JLT are going to be visiting the Houses of Parliament with Ms Cooke. They are going to take part in a democracy workshop and learn all about how democracy and parliament works. Look out for updates in the new  year.