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Reception - Zhang Heng Class

Zhang Heng was a very important Chinese astronomer and inventor. He discovered that the moon does not give off light, but instead reflects it from the sun. To celebrate this Reception will be exploring the story ‘Whatever Next’ by Jill Murphy as well as experimenting with reflective lights using torches. Zhang Heng also invented a machine called a ‘seismometer’ which detects vibrations and predicts earthquakes. The children will be creating exciting science experiments and recording their observations. 

Welcome Letter

Learning Overview 

The children thoroughly enjoyed our topic ‘In the Garden’ from last half term. They have spoken about how they enjoyed exploring nature and learning all about what grows and lives outside. We will therefore begin this half term with the topic ‘In the Woods’ and move on to ‘Exploring the Jungle’ for the final four weeks. We will share the story ‘The Gruffalo’ where we will encourage the children to write in speech bubbles to show what the characters might say, and create our very own Gruffalo using junk modelling materials. We will be making our own shadow pictures and puppets outdoors to support the story ‘Foggy Foggy Forest’ in week three. For our topic ‘Exploring the Jungle’ we will share ‘Walking through the Jungle’, ‘Monkey Puzzle’ and ‘Rumble in the Jungle’. Zhang Heng class are fantastic story-tellers, please encourage them to tell you the stories at home- why not write the story together?

In maths, Reception will be using directional language and learning to use ‘left’ and ‘right’ when giving instructions to ‘Supertato’ to help guide him to save the other vegetables. We will role play ‘toy shop’ which will encourage the children to use coins to ‘buy’ things with. The children will continue to explore activities that encourage them to solve problems with halving, sharing and doubling and they will learn how to partition two digit numbers.

Home Learning                          

Please continue to support your child at home by reading and sharing stories everyday, visit your local nature areas to explore the environments. Encourage your children to help you pay for small things at the shops using notes and coins. Can they give you directions to get home using ‘left’ and ‘right’? Ask them to draw you a picture and instead of telling you what it is can they write a sentence about it?

You can support your child at home by encouraging them to participate in the following activities:

§  Keep a look out for High Frequency Words and Tricky words in newspapers, signs, books…

§  Practice writing their name and forming letters correctly

§  Encourage your child to find the correct coins when out shopping with you

§  Talk about shapes in the environment

§  Talk about numbers and match numerals to quantities (eg. That is the number ‘5’ can you count out five tins of soup?)

Red Ted

Read Every Day, Talk Every Day

To encourage a greater focus on reading at home, the Early Years at Holy Trinity is introducing what we hope will prove to be a highly motivational scheme called RED TED.

RED TED is an acronym for children Reading Every Day with their parent or carer and then Talking Every Day about what they have read.

Please click on the Red Ted for more information


Please find below the resources that were used and handed out in our recent Phonic Workshop for parents. We hope that you find them useful. 

Phonics for Parents Powerpoint

Phonic Phases Parent Information Leaflet

Letter Formation Handout

Useful Websites 

Here are some helpful websites to help your child with Phonics at home. 

Here is a useful website to help your child continue their learning at home. Have you tried 'Count with Lecky', 'Dressing Lecky' and 'Lecky's Friends'?