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Reception - tortoiseshell Butterfly Class

Tortoiseshell Butterfly is one of the more familiar butterflies found in the UK. However, in recent years the numbers of these butterflies have been decreasing, with the Large Tortoiseshell now being extinct in our country! This is possibly due to climate change and parasitic flies, although the precise cause is unknown. Reception will explore the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle to gain an understanding of the life-cycle of a butterfly and how it lives. We hope to see some butterflies when we go on a butterfly hunt and we will be conducting some fun butterfly-themed science experiments as well as creating some beautiful pieces of art though symmetry.

Learning Overview 

Our topic this half term is ‘Celebrations’. As an entry point activity the children played musical bumps and ate chocolate cake! We have also observed some fun and explosive scientific experiments using everyday materials. We have already explored sub-themes such as Diwali and Bonfire night which have provided endless discussion amongst the children. We aim to further explore themes such as ‘My Birthday’, ‘New Baby’, ‘Hanukah’ and ‘Christmas’! 

We will continue to develop our Personal, Social and Emotional well-being through Todd Parr books ‘The I’m not Scared Book’ and ‘The Feelings Book’. Our RE topic this half term is ‘Why is Christmas Special for Christians?’ which we will learn each week through a series of questions that relate to the Nativity Story.

Home Learning                          

You can support your child at home by encouraging them to continue to develop their skills including forming letters correctly, expressing themselves through music (singing and dancing), role-play and creating pictures and structures. Support children to gain more understanding of our Christian Value of ‘Hope’ share your ‘hopes’ for the half term together. Visit your local library or book shop to share a range of stories related to the sub-themes we will be learning.

Red Ted

Read Every Day, Talk Every Day

To encourage a greater focus on reading at home, the Early Years at Holy Trinity is introducing what we hope will prove to be a highly motivational scheme called RED TED.

RED TED is an acronym for children Reading Every Day with their parent or carer and then Talking Every Day about what they have read.

Please click on the Red Ted for more information


Please find below the resources that were used and handed out in our recent Phonic Workshop for parents. We hope that you find them useful. 

Phonics for Parents Powerpoint

Phonic Phases Parent Information Leaflet

Letter Formation Handout

Useful Websites 

Here are some helpful websites to help your child with Phonics at home. 

Here is a useful website to help your child continue their learning at home. Have you tried 'Count with Lecky', 'Dressing Lecky' and 'Lecky's Friends'?