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Nursery - Brown BEar Class 

This year, we are called Brown Bears! Throughout the year we will be doing lots of learning about bears, and reading lots of bear stories. Do you have a favourite story about a bear? 

While the black bear is found only throughout North and Central America, the brown bear family is spread all over the world.  They live in dense forests in mountains, valleys and meadows and can be found in Canada, in central regions of the U.S.  And throughout Europe and Asia.

Brown bears can be recognised by their most distinctive feature, their shoulder hump.  Super strong shoulder muscles help this bear to dig up roots and tear apart logs to find food.  These muscles are located in the ‘hump’ of the brown bear.  Brown bears can move rocks and logs and dig through hard soil and rocky ground using their long sharp claws when making their dens.

The brown bear’s diet is quite similar to all other bears.  They eat grass, fruit, insects, roots and bulbs of plants  and, when hungry enough, they will hunt small animals.  Brown bears that live near the coast feed on fish, particularly salmon.  These bears will grow much larger than others because of their protein rich diet. 

Learning Overview

This term, we are starting with a mini topic exploring lots of different areas of maths. We will be learning about shapes - squares, triangles, circles, rectangles, pentagons and hexagons. We will then use these shapes to make symmetrical patterns. We will be learning about number too - practising counting to ten and starting to recognise these numerals. 

Read Every Day, Talk Every Day

To encourage a greater focus on reading at home, the Early Years at Holy Trinity is introducing what we hope will prove to be a highly motivational scheme called RED TED.

RED TED is an acronym for children Reading Every Day with their parent or carer and then Talking Every Day about what they have read.

Please click on the Red Ted for more information

Home Learning             

We do not give formal homework in Nursery class. However, we will write a question or two on the whiteboard in the cloakroom that you can discuss with your child at home. We call this ‘Talk Homework’ and it is a good way to explore the theme of the week at home with your child.


Please find below the resources that were used and handed out in our recent Phonic Workshop for parents. We hope that you find them useful. 

 Phonics for Parents Powerpoint

Phonic Phases Parent Information Leaflet

Letter Formation Handout

Useful Websites

Here are some helpful websites to help your child with Phonics at home. 

Here is a useful website to help your child continue their learning at home. Have you tried 'Count with Lecky', 'Dressing Lecky' and 'Lecky's Friends'?